Hot stamping and printing machines for highest quality requirements

Successful appearance at the Security Printers exhibition in Dublin

18. April 2018

SECURITY PRINTERS is THE venue in the security printing industry. Over 800 experts from all over the world met in Dublin in March to discuss recent themes and to get informed on the newest developments.

As a first time exhibitor, spm steuer was very happy about the lively interest of the visitors. The focus of the presentation was the new RF 90 SD, a round-flat hot foil stamping machine, which was developed especially for security printing. This compact cylinder machine with manageable investment costs is perfectly suitable for documents with registrered holograms and also passport covers. With its optional camera system for quality control, the RF 90 SD is the integrated solution for small to medium job sizes with highest quality requirements.

Another focus was on the FOILJET FBR 104 BN, which reflects more than 20 years of experience in the application of registered holograms and very narrow hologram strips. The unique know how of spm steuer makes the FOILJET FBR 104 BN the benchmark with regard to precision of application, stamping quality and productivity.

"Security printing is definitely our growth market. With decades of know how in the handling of very sensitive foils and our highly precise mechanical engineering, we have a very attractive product portfolio starting with hologram application with very small job sizes up to banknote production" says Marc Steuer, General Manager of spm steuer.

Opening ceremony of SECURITY PRINTERS

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