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Can printing machines fly?

12. August 2021

Normally they can’t, however, whoever passed the site of Zanders Paperfactory in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, thought, it could be possible.

A Heidelberg printing machine, type SM 74-5-P+L was moved out of the 2nd floor of one of the buildings. Due to the weight of the machine, the existing lift could not be used and the machine had to be hauled out of the window.

spm Sales Director Ralf Wegmann had inspected the site before buying the machine and then immediately contacted forwarding agent Messrs. Fels of Heidelberg, Germany, a long-term partner. For this job, a lot of organizing and equipment was necessary. A special transport platform, a 250-to-crane and specific lifting equipment was applied.

At first, a window and a security rail had to be removed, then an auxiliary platform was built inside the building. The individual machine parts were lifted up to the window sill , then were pulled to the transport platform outside the building with a special device. The crane then lifted the platform over several roofs and moved it to the unloading point. After all machine parts had “landed” safely, the window was built in again and the rail was installed.
Smiling faces everywhere – mission completed!

Used printing machine is transported from paper factory by crane

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