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Steuer Foil-Jet FBR 2020

FBR 2020 – the concept for new performance parameters and production stability

FBR 2020 – with this concept you ensure the future of your Foil-Jet FBR by upgrading a new software and hardware control.

Foil-Jet FBR 2020

Upgrade of SPS-control and PC-control

Upgrade of SPS-control and PC-control
  • exchange of the recalled components by newest up-to-date components
  • input of the new program
  • contains the complete machine control
  • ensures future production (avoids total machine breakdown)

Modification of Foil Unit and Air Supply

Modification of Foil Unit and Air Supply

Foil reduction:

  • optimized foil guidance
  • improved vacuum memory, therefore higher foil tension combined with higher stamping quality
  • no foil advance necessary before production; this means foil and time reduction

Considerably reduced make-ready times:

  • omission of light barriers
  • sensor controlled measuring of the filling level of the foil bins

Air supply:

  • retrofit of a modern Venturi system (this means reduced maintenance times and noise)

Function Upgrade – Registered Hologram Application and Quality Inspection System

Function Upgrade – Registered Hologram Application and Quality Inspection System

Hologram: A hologram unit for application of patches and stripes and stripes can be retrofitted; up to 6 individually controlled hologram webs possible.

Quality inspection: Also, retrofitting of a quality inspection system with faulty sheet delivery is possible.

Sheet size enlargement: Maximum sheet size can be enlarged to 740 x 1,050 mm.

Maintenance, Service and Spare Parts

Maintenance, Service and Spare Parts

Advice: The spmsteuer team offers you expert advice by means of a machine inspection with determination of machine condition.

Service: Professional installation of all electrical and mechanical parts is guaranteed by our service team. Furthermore, spare parts supply with original parts is ensured.

Additionally, we constandtly offer good second-hand and retrofitted Steuer Foil-Jet FBR 104 and FBR 104 R machines.

technical draft of the Foil-Jet FBR 104
Designation Foil-Jet FBR 104
Output per hour up to 12,000 sheets
Sheet size max. 720 x 1,040 mm
Sheet size enlargement 740 x 1,050 mm
Sheet size min. 280 x 420 mm
Stamping size max. 710 x 1,020 mm
Stamping size max. for use of wrap-around plates 695 x 1,020 mm
Gripper edge 10 – 12 mm
Foil rolls, diameter max. 300 mm
Foil rolls, diameter optional 450 mm
Foil rolls, width max. 1,020 mm
Foil rolls, width min. 35 mm
Number of foil webs (max. 12) 4
Number of foil program controls (max. 6) 2
Pressure in stamping nip line max. 5 N/mm²
Pile height delivery 1,045 mm
Nominal output 60 kW
Average power requirement 32 kW
Nominal voltage 3 x 400 V
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz
Back-up fuses 3 x 160 A
Machine length 6,160 mm
Machine width 4,500 mm
Machine height 3,030 mm