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Hof stamping machine RF 106

The new hot stamping machine in round-flat-technology in sheet size 76 x 106

The new RF 106 combines the unequaled stamping quality of the round-flat principle with the technical features and performance of a modern finishing machine – all this in sheet size 76 x 106 cm.

The innovative hot stamping machine in round-flat-technology has no limits

Foil Unit

Foil Unit

Foil reduction: For the fist time ever, the newly designed foil unit of the RF 106 adapts the unique foil saving system of a rotary press to the round-flat principle. This means foil reduction of up to 30 % compared to conventional systems is possible.

Reduced make-ready and down times: The large foil roll diameters (up to 300 mm) and the good accessibility to the complete foil unit reduce make-ready and down times considerably.

Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery

Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery
  • Feeder and delivery, i.e., the complete sheet guidance is developed by a leading printing machine manufacturer.
  • Pile heights of 1,850 mm and 1,750 mm correspond to the pile heights of printing machines.
  • The sheet size of 76 x 106 cm covers the maximum sheet sizes of all wellestablished printing machines.
  • The application of a large variety of material from paper to cardboard is guaranteed.

Pressure Adjustment possible continuously with Machine in Operation

Pressure Adjustment possible continuously with Machine in Operation
  • By means of the continuous pressure adjustment with a precision of 1/100 mm, make-ready times can be reduced considerably.
  • The new drive allows print length correction without changing of the packing.

Honeycomb Exchange and Positioning Unit

Honeycomb Exchange and Positioning Unit

In order to exchange the stamping form as well as amend the stamping dies, the honeycomb base can be moved to a position outside the machine within a few minutes. Non-tool locking and unlocking of the honeycomb base simply by pressing a button. The honeycomb base is accessible from 3 sides in exchange position.

technical draft of the RF 106
Designation RF 106
Output per hour up to 5,000 sheets
Sheet size max. 760 x 1,060 mm
Sheet size min. 34 x 48 mm
Material thickness max. 0.75 mm
Material thickness min. 60 g/m²
Stamping format max. 740 x 1,060 mm
Gripper edge 10 – 12 mm
Foil roll, diameter max. 300 mm
Distance between foil rolls min. 2
Number of foil webs max. 16
Number of foil programs 1 – 8
Cylinder diameter 600 mm
Packing thickness, incl. sheet 1.5 mm
Heating zones 5
Height-adjustable form bed +/- 3 mm
Stamping die height, standard 7 mm/1/4"
Pile height feeder 1,850 mm
Pile height delivery 1,750 mm
Machine length 8,400 mm
Machine width 3,500 mm
Machine height 2,800 mm
Working height stamping form 950 mm